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Liza Rigon rubber boots

liza rigon rubber boots, wellies


Rigon was an italian manufacturer who made a type of rubber boots very popular in the seventies. Boots were trendy during that time , typically a pullon boot with a discrete high heel. Rigon made the same type of boot with waterproof material, to be worn in the wet rainy days. This type of wellies was called Liza and exported all over the world.

liza rigon gummistiefel


"Fashion and dry feet" was the advertising slogan used in the fashion magazine, and this simple idea behind the Liza rubber boots had a great success. Other manufacturers started to make rubber boots like Liza Rigon. For example the Superga, UB,Rontani or Nokia. And in the recent past also Marc Jacobs.


liza rigon stivali wellies


Translation in Italian:stivali di gomma Liza Rigon
What is your favourite rubber boots brand ?

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